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It was the poet T.S. Eliot who famously wrote: “April is the cruellest month”. However, there is a lot to be thankful for in April. Not only does it mark the start of Spring with lighter evenings and blossom hanging on the trees, but it is also the month in which we celebrate the most important Feast of the year, the great Celebration of Easter.

Just as the season of Spring marks the start of new life after the long dead Winter months, so Easter is also the celebration of new life, the new life that Jesus our Saviour won for us through His own death and resurrection.

This is also proving to be an exciting time for me in my chaplaincy work. In a few months time, at the beginning of June, I will be heading to Appleby in Cumbria to attend the annual Horse Fair and to assist the chaplaincy team who offer Mass, Confessions and spiritual renewal for all the Catholic Travellers attending the Fair.

At the end of June we will be holding a conference in Birmingham for priests and religious across the country who work with members of the Travelling Community and at this meeting we will be looking at ways in which we can offer opportunities for Catholic Travellers to go deeper in their faith.

Finally, we are also planning to have a Mass at Westminster Cathedral for members of the Travelling Community. We are still in the process of fixing a date for this but once we have fixed the date we will put all the information up on the website.

So you can see that April is proving to be a fruitful month. Please pray for the success of all these initiatives, that they may breathe new life into the Church and into our hearts.