fr dan feb


One of the joys of being National Chaplain for Gypsies, Roma and Travellers is being able to hear about all the good work that is taking place within the Church across England and Wales within the Travelling Community.

I was particularly pleased to hear about the Travellers Day of Renewal that took place last month in Manchester. Not only was it great that so many people came but it was also good that the day was focused on renewing faith.

When I meet Travellers who, for whatever reason have decided that they no longer want to be part of the Catholic Church and join other churches, they will often say that the reason they converted is that they didn’t get anything out of being Catholics.

This saddens me when I hear it because the truth is that the Church has so much to offer to people but to fully appreciate all of the riches that the Church possesses you often need to make an effort. Days like the Day of Renewal in Manchester, events like the Youth 2000 pilgrimage in Walsingham and places like Lourdes, Holywell and Medjugorje all help to renew our faith and also to come to a deeper appreciation of how much Jesus offers us through his Church.